Seuraava pätkä on kirjoitettu lontooksi, koska sitä pyydettiin ja jotta useammat pystyisivät sen ymmärtämään :)

Ok, here it goes. I was asked to write something about this gig in English and after few days of thinking and planning I had time to do that. I and my long time friend Nicole went to Tampere Pakkahuone to see Sunrise Avenue playing an awesome gig. See, there we are! :)


First it seemed that there wouldn't be so much people but that was proven wrong. Just few minutes before Sunrise Avenue started to play, Tullikamari Pakkahuone was crowded (of course, you just don't play for an empty hall there!) ;)

Ok, in this point I have a confession to make: I'm not a fan of Sunrise Avenue! I do know it's a Finnish band and I have heard their song "Fairytale Gone Bad" from the radio, but that's it. So don't expect me to name all the songs they played and tell what kind of lights they had during this and that song!

Anyway, they started playing and the audience were rocking together with the band. Sunrise Avenue rocked songs from their album "On The Way To Wonderland" and I think I was the only person standing there who did not know the lyrics of all songs.


When finally they played "Fairytale Gone Bad", the audience went crazy. No wonder that song has been playing in the radio so long! :) That was the song everybody were waiting for.


In the end of the gig Janne introduced the band which is pretty rare to see in gigs like that. Anyway, I think Samu got the biggest applause and screaming. After all, he is a wet dream of every single mom (quote, Janne).

And an other big plus for the band: they didn't play any ballads in the end of the gig (although I don't know if they have any). The worst thing you can do is to play a sobby ballad after a gig which was rocking through the thick tiled walls!

After all, Sunrise Avenue really is a good band and the guys know how to rock good. Maybe some day I might be a proud owner of their album :)

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